Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hot Times at a National Car Show Event

We have just finished a 3 day event here at Salina where the KKOA Lead Sled Custom Car Show was held. It is a nationwide convention of sorts with like minded owners of hot rods, custom cars, and drag racers all convene here at once. Also held in town at the same time was a big biker event, so you can imagine all the scenery on our streets. I have had a blast hosting friends and offering up a hospitality tent so to speak which was a resting area and place to drink some free water in the brutal 105-108 temps that we offered our guests. Just imagine a chance to social network with your Facebook and hot rod message board friends in person and shake their hands and smile. Except for the weather it is hard to beat. Let's look at a hand full of the cars at this event.

Also there were some very cool bicycles at the show...

And let's not forget the drag racers which brings more attention to this show and this hobby than the traditional hot rod and custom car owners care to admit....

And there were various parties held in the evenings with a downtown block party at a hot rod shop in the cool of the evening which was much more relaxing than the daytime show itself.  Maybe this show should be held at night? There were also parking lot parties all over town. I hit several of them and saw friends at each one....

And at the show itself were swap meet vendors with some good used parts for sale where I made some good deals.
And here is a photo of me with my favorite pin up girl Heather who did not win the official contest but had fun competing in it.
And now for some more car photos

This was just a quick recap of the cross section of what was available at this fun show. I have left out the many vendors, food, music, car celebrities and so forth.There was also live demonstrations of cars being cut and chopped and sectioned.
Something for everyone. Thanks you for coming along and sharing my awesome weekend. Let's do it again next year, shall we?


  1. Paul as always was a pleasure BS and stopping by the POVERTY FLATS tent with you and again thanks to your lovely wife for the Cinnamon rolls they where a life save that morning. Until Next Time! Neal (49 Canopy Express)

  2. Paul, you mentioned you might have some 16 inch 4-bolt Hudson/Terraplane artillery wheels. Please email me with particulars if they are for sale. Thanks