Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"Just Take My Car"

We were at the big KKOA car show in Salina and it was noontime on Saturday. Me and some friends from out of state were hungry and the truth is.....we needed to "keep our strength up" and so I decided to haul the guys out of the park and find some food. But there was a problem...the 57 Chevy was blocked in and could not get out. So I asked my pal PJ whose canopy and car were next to my own space if he could move his car and let me drive out. 
Instead he said "just take mine" was my lucky day. He and his wife have a beauty of 1955 Chevy Nomad with custom paint. Me and the gang loaded up and tried to drive out but the low slung car had sunk down and would not move....LOL. We had to unload until it was free of the grassy area and drive over the hump and into the street. I let my pal Mark from MN drive and the other two guys got in the back. Here is the view from the front seat.
Mark enjoyed driving the coolest Nomad wagon of the big show...
The "backseat drivers" were telling us what to do as usual...
that is my corn fed personal bodyguard "GL" from Nebraska on the left and our pal John from St. Paul, MN on the right.

We soon arrived at our destination and we could smell the smoked meat.....and it was good.

Inside we ran into some other car show friends and began to dig in. GL and I had the same thing....pulled pork sandwiches....
Mark had a two meat dinner and it looked good as well.
And John went large with fried chicken strips and huge quartered potatoes that were seasoned and broasted to perfection. He shared some of his food with me just in case I needed more to eat and I sure did like it.
And that concludes the story of how four guys ate lunch on this hot July day of 2012. 
If PJ and Heather are reading this....just know we had fun and thank you for the chance to drive a cool Nomad wagon. 

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