Sunday, August 5, 2012

A nice Sunday at the Flats with friends---

It has been a really nice Sunday here at the Flats with finally some cooler temps this morning which allowed me and Mrs. PF to sit out on our back patio and watch the hummingbirds eat as we drank coffee. 
Then as soon as the Catholic Church across the street ended it's early morning service our friend Tom came over and we drank more coffee yet and had some good conversation. He told me about the car show he had attended the day before.
And no sooner had Tom left did his brother (my favorite brother in law) Lawrence came driving up in one of his old trucks. 
He had just completed some repairs and upgrades on this 66 Chevy shortbed and we took it for a spin. I took this photo as we drove out of town...
Lawrence drove it a couple miles out of town, turned it around and mashed the foot feed to the floor and we burnt rubber as the truck sped away. It was fun to feel the power of the big block 454 engine. We then went back to the Flats and hung out in the kitchen for good conversation and then he left...

In the meantime Mrs. PF was busy cooking and baking and just before noon our meal time guests showed up with her son Jerry and his daughter Abbey being first on the scene.
And soon after that my friends from Iowa, Tim and Sarah got here. They are Facebook and hot rod message board friends and it was good to see them as they are on the last leg of a ten day road trip.
We had a big traditional Sunday dinner of roast pork loin, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, carrots, tomatoes, homemade rolls, and applesauce. Here are a couple of photos of that...

And as soon as we had finished the big meal....Mrs. PF served up some homemade peach cobbler ala mode and it was good...
After eating it was still nice outside so we went back to the patio and everyone just sat and visited. The hummingbirds continued to entertain as we relaxed.
Sarah was knitting and Mrs. PF joined her in the rocking chairs as Tim and I went out in the yard to look at my old motorbikes.

At this point we decided to go for a ride around my small Mayberry-like town and we stopped at a friend's hot rod shop to look at his vintage drag car and then moved on to Tom's shop where we looked at his old cars. Here is Tim on one of the bikes.
Then we came back and hung out on the patio some more. I even wore my pith helmet that was given to me as a gift from Dan and Nadine in Minnesota for the occasion.
And then it was time for Tim and Sarah to leave so they posed for one last photo in the "Limo."
It was fun to visit with this nice young couple who are busy planning their wedding for later this fall. As for me and Mrs. PF it has been a good day and will rest now and enjoy the afternoon. 

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