Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Traditional Hot Rodder

On day two of our summer vacation to the great north we also visited the home of my friend Jeff who goes by the name "Titus" in hot rod circles. He became self employed after losing his job when the shop he was working at closed a few short years ago and has made the most of it by working at home and doing what he loves. That is building traditional hot rods like they used to be built using period correct parts that he gleans from car swap meets nationwide. His collection of these parts is impressive. And being able to take what you need from the shelf and install it on the right car at the right time is what makes this work so good. Jeff's wife Jenny is also self employed and works at home doing auto upholstery work and is very talented in that endeavor. We started out looking around the yard at some of his rides and we were accompanied by our friend Barry who lives near by.

Then we went into his workshop and looked at a 32 Ford roadster he is restoring for a customer. This is a car that has been in storage for over 50 years and is still owned by the same guy who drove it to his prom and then put it away until retirement and now wants to enjoy it. 

I didn't see the body but he said it was a good one. 
Then we looked at the T roadster in the stall next to it and it had alot of potential as well.

Lot of cool stuff was to be found in this garage...

Then we went to his bigger storage shed where lots of goodies were to be found. 

And there was even a land speed racing car in the back that was hard to get a photo of...

And some more cool stuff here---

And then we went to the house to see his collection of small items like Stewart Warner gauges as well as tons of rare intake manifolds, carbs, blowers, and all kinds of cool stuff.

Never have I seen a young man with such a terrific collection of speed parts....impressive...

This couch is an example of his wife Jenny's work and it looked very cool.

And these photos only show a portion of his inventory...there is much more. It just mind boggling for us to look at.

A big thank you goes out to our host Jeff for showing us around and I want to come back again someday. That was fun....
And that concludes this portion of my second day of fun on my road trip vacation but there is much more coming soon. Stay tuned.....

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