Thursday, January 5, 2012

--signs of winter--

It was a warm day and it was time for my lunch break. But I wasn't hungry.....too nice of a day to sit in the truck and listen to talk radio. What I needed was a place to walk around and get some sun. Then I remembered I was near a "neon boneyard". A place where old signs literally get put out to pasture. I hadn't visited the place in 4 years and I wondered how much it had changed. I turned down the gravel road and soon found out it had not changed at all. I took a few photos and looked around. Later upon downloading the photos to my computer I wondered if I still had the photos I took 4 years ago on a much different day. You see it was 18 degrees and had snowed on my last visit. I was there on my lunch break that day too and was showing a friend around. Not surprising, I had taken photos of pretty much the same things again as I compared the new with the old.

 This is a a rural place on the edge of town on a road not traveled. I had the place to myself except for a couple of nearby horses. It was fun to remember some of the businesses that used to be around as I looked thru the signs. Because of the way they are stacked it is impossible to photograph many of them but there are some good memories here just waiting.....
and even an old truck or two....

here is me from January 2008---doing my Col. Sanders impersonation. I need a white suit....
from the old "Rocket drive in theater"

Ed's motel (wherever that was)---

some old cafe sign

the "Newport Grille"

some other cafe---
Sparkle car wash
and my personal favorite---simply titled "Eat" which I like to do.....

One of these days I will ask the owner of these big old reminders of days gone by if they are for sale.......but for now I enjoyed my time there and while not as cool as the big Vegas Neon was still cool to me.
Thanks for looking at a snapshot of vanishing Americana with me. Let's do it again sometime!