Friday, January 13, 2012

"The Oklahoma Invasion"

It was Friday and my day off. The weather was cold but clear and not too windy. Two of my favorite buddies that I met on the H.A.M.B. message board (for hot rodders) and have known for a few years were due to arrive  so I was looking forward to that. Mike from Tulsa and Chad (from Muskogee) arrived mid afternoon or so and delivered two engines to me. A very desirable 1963 Buick 401 nailhead V8 and a hard to find Chevy 261 six cylinder truck engine. I was glad to get them. Chad or "Chaddilac" as we call him picked up his 1926 Ford Model T coupe body (rear half only) that I had been storing for him. Here are the boys tying down the load after we unloaded the engines.
  I wanted to share my "Midwestern Pie Tasting Tour" with them but since Mrs. Poverty Flats is out of town we had to go eat restaurant pie.....and it wasn't bad I guess. They sure do pile on the whipped cream at the place named Russell's in Salina. The Okies had chocolate peanut butter and I had chocolate banana.
Chaddilac is a graphic artist who has a website and business with that name and I had found another guy in California who has possibly stolen his name and also has a website that offers graphic art services. To be honest with you I don't really know which one is the "real deal" and which one is the imposter. Just for fun I painted some words on Chad's new coupe body and had him pose for this photo....

Then Mike asked if I had ever sold that old Chevy panel truck for my favorite brother in law Lawrence from an ad he saw a few months ago and I said no. We took the 12 mile drive out to his country place so he could inspect it. I never thought he was serious but damned if he didn't agree to buy it. We used my dually to pull it out of the tree row but only 2 of it's 4 wheels would turn. Then since Lawrence was not home and we couldn't use his tractor we pulled it on the trailer with 2 old come-a-longs we found laying on a nearby truck. I took a photo of Mike's new pride and joy just before it got dark....,
We got the coupe body tied on the trailer behind the panel truck and the boys headed south to cross the state line with their new found bounty.
I would say it was a good day for us all-----
Come back and see us again sometime time we will try to have homemade pie for you.

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  1. I just get into the coolest situations, Paul......and I know Chad a little....we had some dealings through the HAMB Classifieds.....seems like a really nice stand up fellow.

    By the way.....I now know where your hometown is.......but I'll keep your secret....