Sunday, January 1, 2012

--Party at PF--

By now as you are reading this it is officially 2012....a new year. As always, we tried to close out the old year with a celebration with our close friends here at the Flats. We had a real nice day with temps over 60 degrees. The mood was good and it was to be a festive affair with the first guests arriving around 6 pm for the dinner party Mrs. PF had put together. They were greeted at the door by a real clown (me). Thanks to my friend Dan from MN for my new favorite hat. 
The table was set in anticipation for a real "fiesta" event---
We had a nice group of 10 guests and Mrs. PF had big pans of baked spaghetti casserole and some homemade bread and it was good. Judy brought some tossed salad and there were lots of appetizers and snacks brought by other friends. 
The women had some wine and snacks before the meal while we waited on my favorite brother in law Lawrence to show up as he was fashionably late....
 My nephew Travis stopped by to say hello on his way to some other party and then after we ate supper the guys (all old car guys) relaxed in the living room and watched the first of 3 hot rod documentary type movies which we enjoyed. A couple of them relaxed so much I could even hear some snoring. I won't mention their names here but let's just say they are brothers.....

 The women played some kind of game with quarters and got kind of loud in the dining room. I was getting ready to tell them to "keep in down in there!" when suddenly I realized we had not had any pie yet that evening.....And right on cue Mrs. PF called out to us that pie and dessert was now being served. Thank you to my favorite neighbor Karen for bringing 2 homemade pies (apple and peach). She is a real pro at pie making......

 As some of you may know, pie is a real big deal around here as I have been on a personal mission in 2011 that I call my "Midwest Pie Tasting Tour" and this will continue into the 2012 calendar year as well. In fact I got a nice shirt from Dan and Nadine from MN for Christmas gift (one of many from them) to prove my dedication to this project----
Sadly I have the mid section girth to prove I am serious about my love for pie----
But anyway getting back to the party, it was time for champagne (compliments of Larry and Sharon) at the stroke of Midnight and even the sleepy heads came back alive for the traditional Midnight toast to ring in the new year---
 So, there you have it---another fun time at the Flats. Let's hope the new year is an even better one. Hope all of you reading this had a good night as well.  :-)

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