Sunday, June 10, 2012

"A Simple Sunday at the Flats"

It's Sunday, the day of rest here at the Flats. We started out this nice summer day by drinking coffee in the early morning sun on the outside patio to see if we could spot any hummingbirds. 

We didn't see any of the elusive birds at our new feeder but we did sit back and admire the new artsy birdbath that Mrs. PF had purchased this weekend at the area's Smokey Hill River Festival.
And along about this time the small Catholic Church across the street from us ended it's weekly service and some of our friends from there came over for coffee like they usually do. We had a good visit and talked about the wheat harvest and other items of local interest. And after they left I continued to enjoy my backyard and play with some of my bikes. I also noticed the wind was picking up and my Uncle Sam whirlygig was spinning faster and faster.

I sure enjoy a slow paced Sunday and it was nice to sit on the front porch swing for awhile too. It never gets used very much since it is on the sunny side of the house and it gets hot here.
From my front porch view I could see the PF Limo as shown in this photo. It is perhaps the most fun car in the world (in my humble opinion) and is awaiting a new engine transplant in the next couple of weeks.

  As you can see the streets in our little town are unpaved and consist of mostly sand and fine gravel. It gets dusty here with the hot winds of summer blowing across the Plains but that is part of our life. I guess you could say it is better than heavy traffic like our big city friends have to live with. 
And it was about this time that Mrs. PF called me inside for Sunday dinner which is normally a big deal around here at the Flats. This week was no disappointment either as she had roast beef and homemade biscuits cooked on our outside propane grill. The Iowa sweet corn was good as were the fried apples....

With some real butter and some locally produced honey we were in for a real treat. She had set the table for 3 but our would be guest did not show up so there was plenty to eat. The new potatoes and new onions that were given to me by my friend Bob were a big hit as well. Here is a photo of him in his corn patch hoeing some weeds. He sure has a nice garden and works hard at it just so he can share the goods with folks like me and I appreciate that...

After dinner it has been a day of relaxing and napping. We don't get to do that very often so it sure is nice when we can.
And then later in the mid afternoon Mrs. PF told me it was time for pie and ice cream...cherry pie that is...yum !
We like pie around here and I try to make sure we "get enough to keep our strength up" as the farm folks like to say. 
The deep dish pie was great, the vanilla ice cream was homemade right here at our home and it's rich flavor was the perfect compliment for the tart sweetness of the cherries.
And there you have ordinary Sunday where the plain folks from the Plains enjoy the simple pleasures of day at a time.

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