Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Clothes "to die for"

I deliver medical oxygen for a living. I tell people I am a "hot air salesman". And yesterday I was at the home of an elderly couple who I have been seeing for the last four years. They are simple country folks with perhaps an 8th grade education but wise in common sense like so many of our "greatest generation". Anyway, they had just returned from a neighbor's funeral and I noticed he was wearing bib overalls. They live in a small farming community. He told me about the funeral and how the man had died suddenly of cancer. Then he told me that four years ago his own doctor had told him he would likely die in three months or so from his heart and lung condition. And he said the first thing he did after hearing this bad news was to go buy a new pair of bib overalls and a black and white checkered shirt. He then instructed his wife to make sure he was buried in those new clothes. And then he stood straight and smiled ever so slightly and told me in his words "I ain't had to wear 'em yet". I love my job..... See you next time!

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