Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thank God it's Thursday!

Most of the time, I only work 4 days a week at my real job and even though I love it----I am happy to begin my 3 day weekend. I had more of a laid back smaller route today and not as far to drive. But it was in a scenic area that I enjoy visiting and I managed to take a few photos to share with you folks. One of my first stops was at my good friends "the Thompson's" who are some of my all time favorites in the world. I always leave their home in a good mood. Today was no exception and after I finished my official duties we had some coffee and homemade granola and it was good. But the real highlight this time was the new puppy they are babysitting for a grandson. This 8 week old puppy is a Pointer and is a real sweetie. Her name is Callie and I just had to take her photo. She don't sit still long and is was not easy.

After leaving there I drove some backroads to see a young family on a farm whose young child is a customer of mine. Close to their home I saw an old farmstead that had been razed with a bulldozer. The home and outbuildings were in a big burn pile. A real shame as it looked like a nice old place. But the big old barn was still standing (for now) so I thought I should capture it's image before it is too late so I did. Still in nice shape and built of fine virgin yellow pine beams that are hand hewn and fastened together with wood pegs. This lumber would have been brought in from the northwoods of some far away state by steamboat and or railroad as there were no big trees here at the time it was built and certainly no big pines. I looked at the horse stalls and imagined the huge majestic draft horses that would have been kept there in the winter and fed at the bunk. Behind each stall were wood hooks high on the wall where the harness would have been hung. These horses would have been the most valuable farm property until the first tractor was bought and were made to be obsolete. The barn also had some loose housing for cattle and hay racks where the loose hay would have been fed from above in the loft.  

Sadly it was time to move on and after I took care of the young family the young mom had one of the kids present me with a gift box for Christmas. They seemed very proud but it kind of worried me that they would give me a gift since I know money is tight for them right now. But inside the box was homemade cookies and chocolate covered pretzels that they probably made together and it was very nice. My wife and I ate some tonight for dessert. Yum! Thank you Megan and Craig and kids.
Upon leaving their home I slowed the truck down and took this photo from the driver's seat. An old RR depot on a farm. I have seen it for years and had never bothered to take it's photo so today was the day.
Only a mile farther and I entered the ghost town of Ada and even though I was there a week ago I got a better photo this time of the old gas station. 

Sometime later brought me to the town of Lincoln, KS where I had a decent lunch of a ham sandwich and ice tea. I was able to capture the images of a couple more gas stations too. The white one is still open for business and is full service. Was formerly a Phillips 66 and is now an independent. 
Moving on......I was in the ghost town of Vesper and took yet another photo of the abandoned station and repair garage there. 

Later in the afternoon I was in the tiny town of Beverly and saw this old abandoned Case Tractor dealership with no roof. I bet it was a nice place at one time long ago.

Once I reached the town of Tescott I turned south and took a county blacktop road south towards my home base instead of the smoother highway just for a change of scenery, that was a good idea because I came upon the ghost town of Glendale. First I saw this old bank building and I know that is what it was because of the vault area. I assume it closed during the great depression of the 30's like so many others.

But the real treasure of this find was the old store. I could barely read "ice" and "meat" above on the front of the building. What a nice little abandoned building! I love it.
Not long after this I was back in town and after fueling my truck I learned that the office had more work for me to do. A new customer to see. They were nice folks and I hope the equipment I took them helps them feel better. All of a sudden it was 5 pm and time for me to head to Poverty Flats where Mrs. PF had some goulash and some homemade bread hot from the oven just waiting for me......and that's what I call a good day indeed!  

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  1. thanks for the ride ... documentation of our rural areas .. a history lesson not wasted on us..