Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ahead of the storm --part two

While I was at the ghost town of Gaylord I was able to see this nice old gas station---
I captured these old junk trucks along the road a few miles later.

And much later in the afternoon I saw this old 62  Ford....
And while in the bigger town of Smith Center (still far away from my home) I drove a block farther than normal after leaving a customer's home and was pleasantly surprised to see a post war modern pre fab steel home in nice shape. Well, I just HAD to take a photo of that and lo and behold there was yet another one right next to it. While taking these photos, a neighbor came out and asked me what I was doing...I yelled out thru the howling wind that I like the homes because they were very cool and she said "oh, those are just cheap rental houses" ---ha ha. Her point of view was much different but then again she sees them every day and I haven't seen any of these for a long time.

Now, in case you have never heard of a "Lustron" home, they were built in 1949-1950 and cost $7,000 as a cheap and fast way to produce new housing and there are several in Kansas. Most are in nice shape and are built similar to post war prefab gas stations and diners. You can read more about them here:
Right around the corner from there I saw yet another old Ford pickup truck and even though I have always thought these were ugly they are kinda growing on me now....
By now it was getting to be late afternoon and I had only stopped briefly to eat a little sandwich earlier and when I drove up to this small town diner I decided a thick milkshake ($2.00 including tax) was a good idea and in spite of the freezing temperatures. I think the fact that the diner was formerly an old gas station plus the neon lights was part of the attraction. But the milkshake did not disappoint........yum!

and now a couple more random photos from the day....

After that my route was finished or so I thought but soon found out that my day was to get longer with another stop far away being added to me via a phone call from my office......so I continued on and drove in the darkness and later snow and ice where it finally got slick and saw some cars and trucks go in the ditch. But all in all I considered it to be another "good day indeed".

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  1. That's an interesting "T" looking sorta vehicle, especially that trunk lid. Wonder what it is?? Now, just maybe, i can post some interesting finds as i get more familiar with the dirt and gravel roads around here.