Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Indiana Adventure

It was early November and I was bored. I wanted to go on a road trip and I had bought some engines in Indiana and so I called up my trusty side kick Cuzzin Deke and asked him if he wanted to ride along. He said yes and so I picked up on Friday morning and there he was, ready to go as always...
We were headed due east on Interstate 70 and after four hours or so we stopped at Blue Springs, Mo to meet my pal Dan for lunch at Sandy's which is fast becoming a favorite stop for me.
Dan was waiting for us outside and was smiling and friendly just like he always is...
We were smart enough to order something to eat that would help "keep our strength up." Chicken fried steak for me and Deke and Chicken strips for Dan.

This may sound weird but I still had room for dessert so we all ordered pie and the coconut cream was very good.
 After an hour of good conversation it was time to hit the road but we went outside to look at Dan's old Chrysler wagon first.

I posed for this photo with Dan and we shook hands and parted company. I'm glad he took time to meet us because it was fun.
Then it was just 8 more hours of interstate driving and we arrived in Indy for the night at our motel. Early the next morning we met up with Ron who was selling me various car parts, antiques, and the silver midget race car. We really loaded my GMC suv up and the two wheel trailer as well.
Ron is "Uncle Scooby" on the Hamb message board for hot rodders and we looked around in his garage while I was picking out things to buy. 

Before we left, he posed for this photo with Deke and gave him an autographed copy of the book he has written titled "Almost a True Story". I already had bought a copy of it and is very funny to read and in fact Deke was laughing so hard at the first chapter while I was driving he had to wipe tears from his eyes.
Then we moved north from Indy and met up with a friend of mine I will refer to as the very private "Mr. G" who owns a collection of all things cool. We spent several hours looking thru his buildings and it was one fantastic scene after another.

 The history, the thrill of the hunt, and the stories of the trades that he told us were just great fun to listen to. 

By now it was mid afternoon on this Saturday so Mr. G took us to an ice cream place for a "light snack" in another town a few miles away where we had time to sit and talk some more.

Sadly, it was time to move on and we continued farther north and found our motel for the night and got settled in until supper time when we met up with facebook and Hamb message board friend Debb Butler (Kustom lincoln lady) and her husband Robb who is a Colonel in the KKOA car world and also is a very talented painter. They arrived in style in this hot rod Lincoln lead sled...

We had a great evening with Debb and Rob eating steak and it was fun to sit and visit and share stories. I posed for this photo with the two of them before we left.
And since this was just a whirlwind weekend adventure, we mostly just drove towards home on Sunday for 12-13 hours or so but did manage to stop in KS and buy another engine before getting home late that night. 
And once I got home, I was hungry and was lucky enough to find some homemade pumpkin pie in the fridge that Mrs. PF had made and it was good.

As I slowly ate my pie and reflected back on the good times we had on this "Indiana adventure" I noticed a box that had come in the mail while I was gone that had my name on it. Imagine my surprise when I opened it up. It was a gift from a very talented sign painter who had sent me this wonderful hand painted sign for no reason at all. I was floored that he would do that and thankful to receive it. Thank you to Ed Crews (Edweird on the Hamb message board) from South Carolina. I owe you !
Well, I guess that about wraps up my three day weekend here from the Flats. I hope you enjoyed riding along and you can bet that we will be hitting the road again as soon as time allows.

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  1. Very, very Cool, Paul! What the heck is that silver engine on a stand in front of the row of mini-bikes? Again, AWESOME trip/pics/story...thanks for taking us along!