Saturday, November 17, 2012

Another New Store for Sarah !

It was a Saturday morning in mid November and I headed to nearby Lindsborg, KS to visit the new store building my niece Sarah had moved to since opening up a smaller store earlier this year in this quaint Swedish tourist town. The new location is really nice and I looked in the window displays as I walked inside the Sarahendepity Store.

As I stepped inside, I saw the lovely shopkeeper herself taking care of some book keeping duties.
And I also found Nancy who shares some of the store space with her in the back room sewing some fabric art to be used as wall hangings under her Boss Dog Studio brand name.
I would describe the place as a boutique that sells handmade jewelry and fabric art along with antiques and gifts.
I began to walk around and take photos of the new location and just loved the whole look and style of the place.

The historic old building itself was formerly used as a hardware store and a fabric store and more recently was a toy store. It has been well preserved and still looks great.

So after visiting for a few minutes the store started filling up with real customers who were no doubt doing some holiday shopping and I left after bidding the girls a good day and wishing them good luck. With internet jewelry orders coming in steadily and the tourist trade of this college town providing good walk in traffic, I predict continued success. Stop by and see for yourself if you want a fun destination someday soon.


  1. Love it!!!!!! Hey I see something in one of the pictures that looks very familar, LOL and I had that little pink kitchen set :)

  2. shop looks awesome, contratulations Sarah. where is your website?