Saturday, May 19, 2012

"A Store For Sarah"

We have a niece named Sarah. She's smart, pretty, educated and talented. She's a farm wife, she's a Mom, she's an artist, and now she's a shopkeeper in the Kansas tourist town of Lindsborg which has a strong and proud Swedish heritage.

After doing well selling her handmade artisan jewelry on the internet on the Etsy site, she soon found herself running out of room at the nice farm home that she shares with husband Tyler and daughter Audrey. And while looking at a vacant store building in town that was for rent she thought, "why not?"
Now with a shipping room on the back, a work studio, and a retail space up front....I think she has the right combination to make it even in tough economic times like these.
I stopped to see her shortly after she opened a week or two ago
and she was playing with fire !!!

And today while passing thru her town on business, I took time to revisit her and see how things were going.
The little town looked busy and was well decorated with Dala horses all over the downtown district. This one sits out front of her store.
Sarah was in a happy mood and showed me some of her new merchandise...

There were nice things everywhere and I am impressed that she has done such a nice job decorating a new place in a short period of time with no previous retail experience. 

Since today was a Saturday, Audrey was there too and is learning the business and helping out and posed for this cute photo...
She told me it was a busy day for her as well as she had both a piano recital and dance recital later on this very day...
I took a few more photos before leaving--

And as I left the pretty town with the pretty new store I made plans to come back soon. Mrs. PF and I can bring our old cruiser bikes over and ride the new paths and trails and maybe eat some pizza and have a cold drink and admire the old mill at the river and enjoy the simple life some more.
Thanks for riding along on yet another adventure on the back roads of Kansas...


  1. OMG!!! If that pink kitchen set is still there when I visit in July it might have to come home with me or that doll house. Love it!! Looking forward to checking out the store! Congrats Sarah! Wishing you the best of luck!
    I'm so excited I used more exclamation points than should ever be allowed in any comment.

  2. Thank you so much Paul! Your pictures are lovely! Junebug...who knows....I may still have the pink kitchen set in July! And, for those of you who want to keep posted on the new store you can follow me on Facebook at