Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cornhusker Couple make contribution to Poverty--

I was minding my own business recently when I got a message from my pal Tom who is from Lincoln, Nebraska asking if I had a certain antique truck engine for sale. It so happens I did. And a few days later the Gentle Giant himself showed up with his wife (former beauty queen) Donita to pick it up. It was good to see them as they are lots of fun...
We loaded their new engine and visited a few minutes.
At this point we decided to get some lunch so we headed to a nearby steakhouse to see what we could find. Tom and I had burgers and fries and I heard him make a strange request to the waitress. She never blinked an eye and brought his french fries to him just as he ordered with brown gravy and cheese on top.
I quietly pulled the waitress aside and asked her if she had ever had that request before and she said "No".
I guess it must be some kind of Nebraska thing.... 
as for me, I had ketchup on mine...
 We then headed to a nearby car show which was the first one of the season here and looked around. We saw alot of nice cars including these:

The car show was sponsored by the local Vo Tech School and was held inside some of their class shop buildings as well as outside them. We entered a building that housed part of my friend Rex's car collection. It was a special display that he had been invited to bring...

The students did a great job running this show and even had an Easter Egg hunt for the kiddos....

They had a band and a few concessions too. It was a good way to kick off the car show season. We soon ran into my nephew Travis who took our photo.
And we saw my trusty sidekick "Deke" who was there with his yellow Ford coupe. He and Donita posed for this photo.
So after looking at all the cars, we decided to go find some pie and coffee at a locally owned place known for homemade food so we could "keep our strength up."

Tom and I had coconut cream pie while Donita watched us eat.
I gave the pie an A+ rating....
And as we left the restaurant, Tom saw a pig and explained to me where ham and bacon came from. Like any good Nebraska farmer he knows alot about corn, tractors, and "hogwash"--lol.

At this point I had to tell my friends goodbye and watch them disappear over the horizon. I hope they come back someday.
All in all it was a good day here for us "Plain folks from the Plains."
Thank you for reading my blog on this day before Easter--PF.

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