Saturday, March 3, 2012

Roaming the Plains---with camera

I drive all over the north Central part of Kansas each day. And I carry my big camera along with me because I don't like cell phone photos.
This blog entry has no story to tell but rather is meant to show you some things I found interesting from my journeys this week.
First up are some old gas stations which are among my favorite topics of interest.

I mostly like pre war stations (that is to say they were built before WWII) as they have more style than post war stations.
And also among my favorite subjects are ghost towns and abandoned buildings that have survived....

and since I live in the "bread basket" of America and wheat farming is king here, how about an old abandoned flour mill and a grain storage elevator?

and since this state was first opened up to white settlers as a result of the railroad being built, how about a restored train depot and an unrestored railroad bridge still in use?

and another one of my favorites is old signs and advertising so here is a couple of those....

and since I love old cars here are some of those....

and old trucks too.....

and an old carnival ride too---
and I love to see herds of cattle too, the first one shows a herd on winter wheat pasture. They will be allowed to eat the young wheat for a few weeks and then pulled off so it can grow to maturity to produce grain this summer.
The next photo shows some young heifers that are bred and will calve later this spring. They are in a permanent grass pasture which has not greened up yet and are living on hay this time of year. Hard to imagine but these photos were taken on the same day and only one mile apart.

 I guess I could go on and on here but let's save some photos and stories for next time. See you down the road---

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