Sunday, March 18, 2012

--the last picture show--

Spring has sprung in Kansas and most other places as well and I recently found myself in the very small town of Kanopolis, KS where they have the last drive in movie theater around or at least in this part of the world. It had closed a 3-4 years after the elderly owner had retired and then last year a young family took over the operation and just like was the rebirth of an American Icon. I took some photos while looking around.
I just love the small town feel of this place. I doubt it makes much of a profit because of it's location but it is way cool...

Soon it will be opening for yet another season under the star lit skies of Central Kansas and this year I want to go in the 57 Chevy and be a part of of that later this Spring or Summer so stay tuned for more.......... 

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  1. Let me know when, I'm sure the Galaxie would love to join your 57!