Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Paradise found"

It was a cold gray day of winter and after a long time on the road I needed to stretch my legs. I pulled off the highway at Paradise, KS to take a few photos of the small ghost town's beautiful limestone water tower and sign.

Even though I have passed by this many times over the years I had never taken to time to have a close up look till now. 
The water tower itself sits on a hill at the entrance of the town and can be seen from a long distance. Built in 1938 as a WPA project during the Great Depression. A real beauty....
But wait....the door was ajar and open so I walked in for a look around.
Very cool and has been upgraded with new stainless steel water pipe. I just love to see that. 
Isn't it great to see history preserved even if it is in the middle of nowhere? I am glad they care enough to restore this structure.

This yard area shows an example of fence post cut from the same local limestone as the blocks in the water tower. This is what was available to early settlers of KS as there were no big trees to cut for lumber nor were there any nearby steel mills. These folks had to use what they could find or bring in more costly building materials by railroad....
Soon, it was time to climb back in my work truck and continue my journey on the roads less traveled. It was to be a long day full of new memories....
As I left I was glad I took the time to "stop and smell the roses"
as my late great friend Betty used to urge me to do.....
Thanks for riding along and Happy Valentine's Day from Mr. Poverty Flats in KS.

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