Sunday, November 27, 2011

A day of rest...

It has been a nice peaceful day here at the Flats so far on this November Sunday. Clear and cold with some north wind. We started the day by walking across the street to attend the 50th anniversary celebration of our friends Bob and Judy Lutz after their church service was over at 9:45 am where we had some coffee and doughnuts. Then I put some greenery with lights on my 28 Ford jalopy to make it look like Christmas around here. It will be our yard ornament till the first of the year. Then I got my Buick engine ready to ship first thing Monday morning where it will begin the long journey to Moscow, Russia. After that, my favorite brother in law Lawrence  called and asked me to take some photos of his 41 Chevy pickup truck he wants to sell. Then it was time to come inside and warm up to a bowl of homemade cheesy potato soup. Now, just resting and enjoying the afternoon......the simple life is the good life. 

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